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Truss and Ore



Lookbook 2017

Model: Dezi Solèy



Truss and Ore

by Ana Brazaityte

Truss and Ore is a handcrafted jewelry company based in San Francisco. Owner and designer Ana Brazaityte creates unique pieces from sketch/idea to final product, with lots of love. 

"While studying photography at Columbia College, I happened upon an Introduction to Metalwork and Jewelry class and fell in love with the tactile process of creating something with your hands out of raw materials. I have always loved jewelry and enjoy exploring ideas of tension, balance, and symmetry when creating my own pieces."

-Ana Brazaityte (Owner, designer, maker)

Find select Truss & Ore products at:

Bridge and Burn
Portland, OR

Dandelion Post
Oakland, CA

Design Menagerie
Lenox, MA

Flora Lou Boutique
North Conway, NH

Heritage Dry Goods
Eugene, OR

Ash + Oak
San Francisco, CA

Wallflower Boutique
San Francisco, CA



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