Behind the Scenes & New Pieces

A couple of years, a couple cities, and some significant life changes into what I still hesitate to call "running a business", it feels like a good time to do some reflecting. You see, I did actually think at one time or another that running a business and working for myself would always feel empowering, even glamorous. So when I find myself feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, a bit scared, and very scattered, that doesn't exactly feel congruent with this idea of having my own business. It's a challenge to feel confident about what I'm doing sometimes. Still, when I look back at the past couple of years and the things I've been able to accomplish amidst so many life changes, I start feeling good as hell. (I'm on a big Lizzo kick over here) I'm constantly learning so much, making new things, connecting with some wonderful people in this city, and growing more confident about my skills and being able to provide the highest quality pieces for my customers. All of these goings on tend to be within the confines of the studio though, so I thought I would share a little bit on here as well.

I've been working in sterling silver recently and I'm excited to say that some of my current designs are now also available in silver!

I've made more time to work on some custom orders such as this lovely, delicate gold band. I'm always happy to take on custom projects as I've found working with new materials and designs really helps clear my mind and inspire greater creativity. If you have something special in mind, I'm now accepting custom orders for the holidays - just send me an email. I'll have some more one-of-a-kind pieces available at upcoming shows as well!

The STUDIO series continues as well. If you have suggestions for other makers in the Bay Area I should meet and talk to, please let me know.

I look forward to seeing some friendly faces at West Coast Craft and Renegade in San Francisco this month and Dose Market in Chicago next month!