An Introduction to the Maker Behind Truss & Ore

I'm Ana and I'm the face and hands behind Truss & Ore Jewelry. Metalworking and jewelry design is an ever-developing passion of mine, but art has been prevalent in my life for as long as I can remember. My mom was a professional violinist in a symphony orchestra and my father translates books from English to Lithuanian. My sister and I grew up attending the theater, taking part in it, and drawing all over the walls of our apartment. (Literally.) So for me, the importance of creating art (in any medium that you could get your hands on) has always been very clear. And if your art can reach others, evoke an emotional reaction, inspire, or simply tell a story and create some connections between people - I consider that a great success in life.

It is such connections that I search for when I bring my work to others and one thing I aspire to do through this new blog is to highlight the stories of other makers who are creating not only handmade goods, but stories and communities and friendships. Handmade goods hold value beyond their material cost. They help foster the community, the local economy, and our support for each other as artists, friends, and neighbors on this earth.

It is with this in mind that STUDIO: A Series About Makers was born. I have interviews with some wonderful makers queued up, so follow along and enjoy the ride!